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Another reason became dysfunctional family background: many Japanese families fathers and mothers rarely take part in the decision of household problems and parenting. DVD eventually comes to replace VHS as the dominant format for adult video. However the hole in the law has led to the fact that prostitutes began to provide services privately. The harmony of Yin and Yang conveyed overtly erotic images of sexual intercourse in literature and in fine form (the work of Utamaro "Love story", Chorusy "Nun with her lover," etc. ". DVD eventually comes to replace VHS as the dominant format for adult video.

According to Professor Hideo Tanaka[ja], the legal capacity of women differed little from the legal capacity of the mentally retarded[5]. [18] She appeared in AVs, magazines and theatrical films such as Shint?h? Eiga"s 1986 Eri Kikuchi - Big Breasts ( - Kikuchi Eri Kyonyu). After the war, a strict separation of social roles ("a housewife" and "the husband is the breadwinner), led to a crisis phenomenon in Japanese homes, which from one side is manifested in the crisis of relations between spouses (including sexually) and in the shift of the sexual desires of young men "deviant" girls who were a product of those unhappy families.


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"If a man constantly changes women that has intercourse, it will be a great benefit"[1]. It was the first film of the so-called "Japanese new wave", where the erotic scenes were shown female nudity and pubic hair, which was a taboo in Japanese society. They never hung on the wall, which traditionally is dominated by paintings and calligraphic drawings. This movement continued until 1956, when it was adopted the law on the prevention of prostitution (Bison Bosio). ). The American occupation after the defeat of Japan in world war II resulted in not only a successful reform, but also brought with them the influence of Western mass culture, in particular erotic magazines such as Playboy. After a career of many Actresses are able to start a family and find a job outside the sex industry, however, approximately 2?3, after leaving the set, can"t deal with routine work and lower wages, and therefore continue to work in the sex industry as masseuses, prostitutes, etc[5]. "Female sexuality could not go hand in hand with motherhood," wrote a Japanese scholar, the incident happened Arig. The woman was understood as the youngest Yin, that is a evil Yin, because even in the most passive woman is present active element Jan.

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